Museo Enzo Ferrari

The space dedicated to Enzo Ferrari, rather than a museum in the traditional sense of the word, is a fascinating, exciting event that manages to combine truly unique elements: in the futuristic 2,500 m2 pillar-free hall visitors can get close and personal with the many cars exhibited, but also experience a show that – through an immersive biopic screened using 19 projectors – tells Enzo Ferrari’s incredible life story, spanning 90 years, taking them through his various incarnations: from the child who discovered racing at the beginning of 1900 to the pilot, from the manager of Scuderia Ferrari through to the manufacturer with so many triumphs to his credit. The counter-piece to this injection of pure emotion is the Museo dei Motori Ferrari, housed in the painstakingly renovated workshop where Enzo’s father used to work: a history within the history that enables visitors to understand why Ferraris are such unique cars. It is the latest work of the brilliant architect Jan Kaplicky, of the Future System London practice. The imposing hall built using the most cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly building techniques spans over 5,000 m2 of pillar- and obstacle-free exhibition space. Visitors, after the emotional impact of an architecture that references the contours of 1950s racing car bonnets, have the feeling of having entered a temple dedicated to the Car and its history.
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